JMAG is simulation software for electric device design and development. It accurately models the complex electromagnetic phenomena in a wide range of equipment.

Since being released in 1983, JMAG has been used in industries and universities world-wide and has contributed to the development of thousands of products. Continuous communication with our users has made JMAG a world class analysis tool.

JMAG provides solutions that are most suitable for each application and brings design and development to a higher level.

JSOL is dedicated to keeping JMAG on the forefront of simulation technologies. This translates into a commitment to extend and improve JMAG’s internal capabilities. At the same time, JSOL recognizes that it is important to develop JMAG’s external capabilities. JSOL’s partnerships with leading companies ranging from material manufacturers to software developers have made JMAG into a powerful multiphysics analysis package that adds value to many industries’ design and development processes.






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